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Navaone Group is a diverse group of companies that strive as one for PERFECTION through the delivery of Excellent Performance & Great Value services. The stride towards being able to deliver quality and exceptional services involves inculcating our CORE VALUES into all of our work. READ MORE ABOUT US

What We Do



Our Marine Business encompasses supporting the Maritime, Oil and Gas industries.


We focuses heavily on development of human performance through continued quest for knowledge.


Our wealth of experience in assisting major Oil & Gas companies in developing inhouse and customized materials


The secret of getting ahead is getting started. We are expanding with new business.

As a diverse organization, we operate several business units in South East Asia and North America, partnering and collaborating with our clients to help them achieve their goals with our Excellent Performance, Great Value services. In order to be of any real use to other organizations, we believe in providing our attentive and utmost services by exhausting every effort towards our client’s needs. Providing only the very best of services and establishing meaningful relationships. This is what we call our Excellent Performance, Great Value service.

Navaone, in short NOG, plays vital role in supporting industries such as Marine, Oil & Gas and Education. Our operational tempo dictates that we operate in manner that optimizes uptime and in turn leads to optimization of
services and drives value.


To provide Excellent Performance, Great Value services in all our business units. Optimize uptime and create maximum impact on our services through our CORE Values.


To be the leading provider in our relevant business units and areas. Generating businesses through relationship building and be a one stop center in these areas.



We will meet all of our aspirations through deliberately practicing and walking the talk of our Core Values

We Strive to Be - Perfect

Its People and its Personal
We may have great services and assets, but without People we cannot get the job done. We value our people and their contributions. We also value our clients and vendors, and when we interact to do business, we make it Personal.
What we do to the environment affects everybody, and future generations to come. By operating conscious of environmental protection needs, we will ensure its preservation.
This is the key to Relationship Building. We operate with utmost Respect and Humility; be it with employees, clients and or vendors alike.
Financial Discipline
Critical to Business Excellence is the execution of key strategoes relating to financial spending that eliminates wastage. Financial Discipline is also Financial Prudence where all spending are towards high efficiencies.
We will do all and everything legally possible to ensure we deliver on the job we promise. It is integral that we deliver on our promise. At all times, we strive to exceed other's expectation.
At the heart of a great relationship is good communication. Good and proper communication is vital to running effective business operation.
Time waits for no one; we value our time and others. When we have to use it, we use it wisely and consciously.

Our Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Conscious of preservation of the greatest assets; the human life, the environment and physical assets; we operate with commitment and accountability to ensure under no circumstance these are violated in the interest of performing the job. No job or task is too important for us to do, that we cannot take a step back to ensure we protect people, the environment an other valuable assets.

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